Why Resistance Radio?


Why Resistance Radio?

Greetings Patriots

COMMUNICATION and the manner in which we are able to reach people via the internet and our own media where WE control the narrative - as the web-based Alternative Media did during the 2016 US presidential election - will be key to our survival in a hostile globalist-controlled world.

After we've successfully reached people, will come a new wave of ORGANISATION and real progress. Only then will we be able to truly make a difference again. If things get really bad domestically. Resistance Radio will act as an emergency frequency for people in the Resistance.

Resistance Radio independent guest host Nick Griffin explains:

“The Resistance Radio project was conceived by former members of the British National Party – the most successful nationalist movement in British history. The BNP broke the PC taboo against discussing mass immigration and the dispossession of the native British in their own land. The success and growing appeal of the BNP so panicked the liberal elite that they spent every election over ten whole years talking up Nigel Farage and UKIP, not because they liked them, but as a way of blocking the BNP. And, as we all know, that little trick blew up in their faces in truly spectacular style – leading DIRECTLY to Brexit, which in turn – according to Breitbart – inspired and energised the Trump campaign in the USA.

So a party that set out to save Britain and – thanks to the BBC - ended up saving the world from Hillary Clinton and certain war by accident! How’s THAT for an example of the Law of Unintended Consequences in action?!

It just shows what even small groups of people – if patriots work together to build effective structures. Which is what ResistanceRadio.TV is all about. Because freedom isn’t free – it has to be worked for, paid for, and fought for.

With the demolition of the BNP, a vacuum was created in British nationalist politics. One day that gap needs to be filled – but first nationalists need an independent voice and common ground on which to meet.

That’s the potential of Resistance Radio, and it’s why I’m happy to be a regular guest, and to see others taking part as well. The very fact that, in the past, some of us may have clashed, highlights the value of Resistance Radio as a tool to build unity. So I wish the team running this exciting project all the best in their endeavours.

Resistance Radio can be the hub around which a new generation of nationalist activists and leaders build an activist organisation to fight for the rights and the survival of our people. It can become an important voice and organising base for radical traditionalists and revolutionary na

tionalists. That’s why I’m pleased to be a regular guest contributor, and why I hope you will become a regular listener and active supporter of Resistance Radio.”

Yours as ever!

Nick Griffin

Becoming a member today! Join the Resistance!

If you have any question about why we need your membership, then please read: Why We Need YOUR Subscription, too.


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