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John de Nugent shows for Pavel to sound-edit:


Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2




Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2



GERARD MENUHIN (pls do perfect job on this interview, and increase his volume)

Part 1 of 2 (the first 11 minutes are already perfect)

Part 2 of 2



SIMON ROCHE (TWO SHOWS) (pls do perfect job on this interview, and de-crease sometimes his volume)

First show

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Second show

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2




Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3 (avi file, strange)


Part 3 of 3





Name of podcast

Simon Roche of Suidlanders

Two-line description 

Former U.S. Marine and white civil-rights activist John de Nugent

Simon Roche is Head of the Office of the HQ of the world’s largest non-state civil defence organization, Suidlanders of South Africa. Once an ANC activist, he now works tirelessly to prepare for impending catastrophe in the Rainbow Nation. Simon lives in Johannesburg and is the proud father of many children.

We begin by discussing Simon’s current speaking tour. We learn that he’s traveling throughout America in order to raise awareness about the sore state of affairs in South Africa. Next, Simon tells us about life in post-apartheid South Africa. He explains that, in the 22 years since South Africa become Democratic, there has been a massive explosion in crime – in particular, violence against White farmers. Later, we discuss the nature of White genocide in South Africa, what Suidlanders is doing to prepare for the worst, and why many White South Africans remain oblivious to their plight.

In the members’ hour, we continue our discussion on South Africa and consider what this impending catastrophe would look like. Simon explains that the worst case scenario is the one he most expects, for he believes the government will be involved in the unrest, siding against the Afrikaners. Switching gears, we discuss the economic situation in South Africa. We learn about the various government programs that give preference to blacks, which has many Afrikaners forced to live in squatter camps. Simon then outlines the strategies employed by elites to usher in Communism in formerly healthy societies. The members’ hour concludes with a discussion on the failure of multiculturalism in the Rainbow Nation.

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Name of podcast

Gerard Menuhin -- son of world-famous Jewish violinist blasts Talmudic Judaism

Two-line description 

Former U.S. Marine and white civil-rights activist John de Nugent discusses with British-American author Gerard Menuhin his life and highly praised bookTell the Truth and Shame the Devil, just banned by Amazon. Menuhin describes his childhood and life under a parent who was a musical giant, his years at the elite British private school Eton, and what impelled him to leave his life of upper-class comfort to combat Talmudic Zionism and courageously defend the most maligned man in history.

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audiofile I (needs the subscribe part and the Natasha "this is RR" ending)


audiofile II (needs the subscribe part and the Natasha "this is RR" ending)



For Youtube video:


add at 0:35 (Gerard)

add at 0:39



04:05 Yehudi and Diane Menuhin


Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Lubavitch and an ancestor of Gerard Menuhin



1:57 yoga


2:05 the greatest violinist

2:18 on television

3:02  yehudi-menuhin-herbert-von-karajan-vienna-symphony

3:51 child prodigy


4:43 William the Conqueror


6:50 Controversy of Zion

6:53 Douglas Reed

6:55 The Times of London

7:30 ancient Greeks

7:43 excellence in all things


7:51 crush and kill the Gentiles


8:14 Shlomo Sand

8:17 Arthur Koestler


8:29 Turkish Mongols

8:34 more sophisticated western variety


Germar Rudolph

9:44 Castle Hill Publishers

9:59 Amazon


11:08 Talmudic Zionism since 1978

11:13  disinherited by my multimillionaire father


12:12.7 You got the truth

 photo gerard-menuhin-younger_zps28hwcla1.jpg

12:22.58 in fluent German

 photo gerard-menuhin-wie-welt-sieht-goldfish_zpsrhxxxo4c.jpg


12:24.170 for the National Zeitung

 photo national-zeitung-bardot_zps687taqfw.jpg


12:27 sticking your neck out

 photo gerard-menuhin-agitating-against-israel_zpseufsxovi.jpg


12:32.24 Gilad Atzmon

12:35.35 saxophonist

 photo gilad-atzmon-saxophone_zpsvinbaxl4.png

13:04.8 Mordechai Vanunu

 photo mordechai-vanunu-you-cannot-break-the-human-spirit-2005_zpsui0bzdeb.jpg

13:10.535 Israel'satomic weapons program

 photo israeli-atomic-bomb_zpsk3fevp3j.jpg

13:14.91 in solitary

 photo mordechai-vanunu-solitary-prison_zps26fdq9u7.jpg


13:25 You decided

 photo gerard-menuhin-closeup-microphone_zpsdahijqar.jpg


13:39.79 for the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

 photo Yehudi-Menuhin-Foundation_zpszrvyunjq.jpg.

14:12.79 when they fired me

14:44.8 why won't the world come to rest?

14:46 (to 14:52 -- six seconds, six images) Why were your grandparents..

14:53.9 killed for reasons (to 15:06 all these answers) [13 seconds -- 5 photos, about 2.6 seconds each]



Yehudi Menuhin Foundation




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