Nick Griffin and Jack Sen discuss Britain’s war on free speech. Could people face 15 years in jail for watching a YouTube video the govt deems unsuitable?

If Amber Rudd, Tory MP and British Home Secretary, has her way, watching videos that promote nationalist content on YouTube, and on publicly accessible social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, could result in viewers being arrested.

And we aren't talking about a slap on the wrist. Viewing content the government deems 'extreme' on sites like YouTube - even if it has passed American and in-house censors - could result in 15 years jail time.

The Guardian reported that,

"People who repeatedly view terrorist content online could face up to 15 years behind bars in a move designed to tighten the laws tackling radicalisation the home secretary, Amber Rudd. 

A new maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment will also apply to terrorists who publish information about members of the armed forces, police and intelligence services for the purposes of preparing acts of terrorism.

“I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites and far-right propaganda face the full force of the law,” said Rudd. “There is currently a gap in the law around material [that] is viewed or streamed from the internet without being permanently downloaded."

end quote from Guardian

See what Rudd's done here? She's conflated right wing propaganda and Jihadist extremism....Intentionally.

The Daily Express reported that the legislation opens the door to the government being given wide reaching powers.

"The crackdown will improve support for victims and drive up prosecutions of those who abuse other internet users based on their race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

The Home Secretary said: “Online hate crime is completely unacceptable. What is illegal offline is illegal online and those who commit these cowardly crimes should be met with the full force of the law.

“The national online hate crime hub we are funding is an important step to ensure that more victims have the confidence to come forward and report the vile abuse to which they are being subjected."

end quote from Express

Moving forward the only way people like us will be able to communicate with people like you will be by hosting our own content - the sort of thing we are doing on Resistance Radio.

The fact that most bloggers use YouTube out of necessity also means more and more decent nationalists broadcasters will find themselves censored and their media platforms, gone.

Former Member of European Parliament, Nick Griffin, and UKIP parliamentary candidate, Jack Sen, discuss this important topic below on the latest Resistance Report.

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