A Masculine Renaissance with John de Nugent

The former US Marine and white civil rights activist has been tirelessly serving our cause for 40 years, but has realised that until Western men return to the spirit that made Western civilization the greatest in our world’s history, we are destined for destruction at the hands of our enemies-both domestic and foreign.

John chats with persecuted nationalist, Michael Weaver (March 23)

Michael Weaver made himself public enemy number one in his native Columbus, Georgia for daring to distribute 100,000 fliers criticising illegal immigration, affirmative action, and Jewish influence in the Mainstream Media.
In 2011 he was arrested for pepper-spraying a black male who'd confronted him during one of his peaceful demonstrations. After a sham-trial Weaver was sent to a Georgia state prison for two years and banished from his home city for nine more. John discusses the case with Michael and finds out how the National Alliance activist's life has been since his persecution began.
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March 28, 2017 - Understanding Jewish supremacism with the Occidental Observer's, Dr Andrew Joyce. (Members only)

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April 4, 2017 - John de Nugent  discusses his series: A Masculine Renaissance

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SPLC refers to NPI and Spencer's org as Rainow Right for GOOD reason!

April 18 - Left wing gay origin of the alt right

John discusses.........

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