John de Nugent interviews anti-Zionist academic and Occidental Observer associate editor, Dr Andrew Joyce

On the Jewish Question with Dr Andrew Joyce and John de Nugent


Dr Andrew Joyce is one of the most important figures on the academic right. A scholar, author, public speaker and prolific writer, Dr Joyce has travelled the globe extensively discussing immigration, ethnic and religious conflict, and philosophy.

"Andrew sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Occidental Quarterly and is a regular contributor to The Occidental Observer. He also serves the British Renaissance Policy Institute in an advisory capacity and will be producing and editing a new journal for BRPI. He is in the final stages of preparing for publication Talmud and Taboo: Essays on The Jewish Question." Red Ice Creations.

Dr. Joyce joins long-time white civil rights activist and former US Marine,  John de Nugent, on the Masculine Renaissance Report, for an hour long discussion on the role Jews play in the radical movements that subvert Western society, among other important topics.

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