British Men Must Stand Tall – the London Terror Attack

Resistance Radio Bulletin

On this Resistance Radio Bulletin, former U.S. Marine, anglophile, and white civil rights activist, John de Nugent, joins Resistance Radio founder, Jack Sen, to discuss the London Westminster terror attack and how if this doesn't awaken our fighting sprit, nothing will.

"I was born in London. My granddad, who fought valiantly in World War 2, and his father before him, who served Britain in the first World War, were born in the great capital city. They're rolling in their graves knowing no one is going to do anything."

Jack opined via SKYPE this afternoon.

"Yes, I am angry. Why? Our traitorous government welcomes these ungrateful hate-filled demons in, the establishment watches as our children are raped, innocents are slaughtered, policeman are shot and stabbed, and the very fabric of this country is shredded before our eyes. Good people are scared to act out of fear of being branded racist. The current crop pf keyboard commandos calling themselves nationalists would rather "Sieg Heil" their way around Britain and lather one another up for some afternoon sodomy than travel to London defend the their countrymen.  I'm not sure which of these sickening realities angers me the most."

The men also discuss what we can learn from the invaders, and how the Left have weaponised radical Islam in an attempt to destroy Western civilisation.

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