Carl Mason: Mayhem on the Streets – Exposing Agents, Conmen and Leftists

There’s no one quite like Carl Mason in British nationalism (the big mischevious fellow on the far left). The former Worcester organiser for the British National Party, European Knights Project representative for the Midlands and current leader of the British Resistance Party, is a nationalist mischief-maker, counter-trolling aficionado of the grandest proportion.

From storming the local Labour council and shaming them for supporting grooming gangs and paedophilia, countertrolling infiltrators on the right (Julie Lake, Jez Turner) to stickering half of Worcester, shutting down the motorway with his protests, getting nicked for speaking his mind and causing the mayhem he’s infamous for.

Carl mason has gotten more newspaper covers in his native Worcestershire, than any single activist in recent history. He was invited to partake in the recent Channl 4 series on the Alt Right, however he declined their invitation for….ideological reasons.

“The Alt Right is full of f&^s, deviants and cowards that hide in their mum’s basements, so I told Channel Four to f&^% off!”

I believe Carl is referring to lily-livered Scottish Vlogger, Colin Robertson, aka Millenial Woes, who upon being exposed (meaning they revealed his actual name-the horror!) fled to the US from his dad’s pad to hide under Richard Spencer’s skirt. Warm and cosy in Spencer’s Montana bath house I imagine…

Prior to moving in with Spencer, ‘Woesy’, as he is referred to by the Rainbow Right (name the Left Wing SPLC refer to the NPI Woes is major player in), was shacked up with two homosexual men in. He in fact openly vlogged about it as late as 2015.

Carls podcasts and videos, offered to members will be aimed at combating the cancerous Left and, just as importantly, their traitorous allies on the Right! Carl exposes the cops, agent provocateurs and crooks that harm our nations AND nationalism via their actions. From PEGIDA, the Leftist infiltrators in the Alt Right. If they’re colluding, Carl will expose them.

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