A Discussion with Professor Kevin MacDonald (series exclusive to Resistance Radio)

Discussions with Professor Kevin MacDonald (series)

Dr Kevin MacDonald, founder of the prestigious Occidental Observer and Occidental Quarterly, is one of the world’s foremost evolutionary psychologists. For decades Dr MacDonald has fought to break the taboo on Jewish Supremacism – studying its causes and impacts – while battling the establishment for his right to do so. A Discussion with Professor MacDonald is our latest series, available exclusively on Resistance Radio. Discussions to include the role Jews play in our immigration crisis, impact of globalism, the need for a South African white ethostate, Jews as a hostile elite among other scintillating topics. Dr MacDonald will appear on ResRadio to record his thoughts, read from selections of his articles and discuss his esteemed works – giving our audience exclusive access to one of the greatest minds and bravest souls in our movement. Scroll down to listen to Dr MacDonald's introductory episode free of charge, and view current recordings list - Full series available to Members Only

Introduction to the series - March 21

Professor MacDonald joins Jack Sen to discuss the role Jewish elites play in the mass migration of foreign people into the West, as well as introduce his new series on Resistance Radio: A Discussion with Dr Kevin MacDonald.

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Part 2 - Jack Sen with Kevin MacDonald - Available March 21

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02 - White genocide in South Africa

Dr MacDonald discusses of the moral imperative of the formation of a white ethno state in South Africa.  

03 - Suicidal Swedes

“What’s wrong with the Swedes and so many other whites?” Liberalism and patholigical levels of tolerance are ravaging Western Europe from the inside out. Professor MacDonald addresses this alarming trend.  

04 - How ethnic pluralism and mass immigration benefits Jews

Dr MacDonald discusses how obsession with perceived anti-Semitism drives Jews obsession with making our societies more diverse.

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05 - Jews favour Islam to Christianity

Dr MacDonald discusses why several leading Rabbis believe that the Islamism of West is “punishment” for historical anti-Semitism and imperative Christianity.  

06 - The Frankfurt School and its hostility to gentile culture

Dr MacDonald discusses how Jewish intellectuals and their writings harmed white society by pathologising strong families and parenting, encouraging low investment sexual relations, the breakdown of the nuclear family.  

07 - Hungarian Prime Minister confronts Angela Merkel

Dr MacDonald discusses the Hungarian head of state’s criticism of Germany’s moral imperialism. We decided to upload this though due to Hungary's odd decision to ban Nick Griffin from the country

08 - Christianity and the Ethnic Suicide of the West

Dr MacDonald explains that the decline of Christianity has paralleled societal decline. That if the world stayed as it was in the 1960’s, a period in which Christianity still dominated western culture, we would not be discussing the destruction of the west.

09 - Left’s hypocrisy on Israel and the Jewish ethno state

Dr MacDonald addresses the hypocrisy of the American Left during Israeli prime ministers state visit to the United States.

10 -  Moral Arguments and exploitative virtue signalling in the War for Western Survival

Brilliant lecture Dr MacDonald recently gave at a private event. (40 mins)

11 - Anglo Saxon ethics

Dr MacDonald discusses the emphasis on decency and morality in White Anglo Saxon society and how its contributed to the ills our societies face

12 - Lecture 2

Manny Friedman and his statement that "Jews in fact DO own the whole freaking country  (United States) and its media

13 - Migrant Crisis

How Jewish elites orchestrated the migrant crisis and the wars that caused it. 14  - Understanding Jewish antipathy to the Gentile world Understanding why Jews rebel against the white establishment, align themselves with our society’s outcasts, how Socialism is a Jewish response to perceived ‘anti-Semitism’ and how hatred drives jewish evolutionary strategy.

15 - Jews oppose Trump's immigration policies

 Dr MacDonald discusses the people behind the organised hatred and opposition to Donald trump's presidency

16 - How Jews attack Gentile culture via to undermine white identity

Dr MacDonald reads from his Culture of Critique some of his conclusions about the New York Jewish intellectuals.

17 - Washington Post Columnist’s Hatred of White America

Dr MacDonald discusses the anti-white Jewish supremacist journalist ____________.

18 - Jewish Persecution Complex

Dr MacDonald discusses the widely held Jewish belief that mass Immigration will "save them from right-wing racism.”

Jews as a Hostile Elite

Professor MacDonald discusses the role Jews and radical Jewish movements - Bolshevism, Cultural Marxism, feminism, psychology etc - have played in subverting Western culture

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