“The high-minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.” Aristotle


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Since its founding in 2017, Resistance Radio has endeavoured to provide inspiring radio content from the globe's foremost nationalists and patriots, serving as a counter to the mainstream Fake News media, and their anti-Western, anti-white, and anti-Christian toxic narrative.

Although we are young, we are in the process of building the most effective nationalist web radio, and ultimately TV station, in the English-speaking world. We hope to provide a voice for the voiceless, hope for the hopeless, a future for Western children who otherwise would not have a future in a hostile alien world. We hope to offer a counter to the morally loose alt-right, who've opted to push non-traditional values and lifestyles, in order to sell their messages to the masses.

ResRadio features regular programming from independent hosts prescribing to our broad principles and traditional values - former MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, former UKIP prospective Member of Parliament - Jack Sen, white civil rights activist and former United States Marine - John de Nugent, Occidental Observer editor - Dr Kevin MacDonald,  former BNP stalwarts - Carl Mason and Edward O'Sullivan and many more. Due to the fact we host all of our own content, Resistance Radio hosts possess the ability to speak unencumbered by the shackles of Left-wing censorship.

Resistance Report with Nick Griffin and Jack Sen

To listen to Nick Griffin & Jack Sen discuss what ResRadio hopes to accomplish, please listen to the following recording

For our latest programs, including our flagship program, the Resistance Reports with Nick Griffin and Jack Sen, as well as the Edward O'Sullivan Show, Jack Sen's conversations with Dr Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Andrew Brons, John de Nugent etc please read on.

Although Resistance Radio is a not-for-profit venture, we need your contributions and patronage if we are to expand. Our next venture is television and documentary film making.

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Although we have some free content on the site, this project takes serious money to fund. In order to bypass tyrannical video hosting sites that censor truthful content, we have decided to host all of our own material. So please if you value our work, we ask that you become a member and subscribe now. Subscription costs as little as £6 per month, or £100/$150 for a lifetime membership.

If you’d prefer to make a one-time donation, you can do so in a guaranteed secure manner, on the right hand side of this page using your bank card. A donation in the amount of £10 will give you one month access, £16 – 3 months access, £30 – 6 months access etc. £100 will secure you lifetime access to our growing site. Donations can be remitted via the donation section on right hand side of this page.

If you’d prefer to send us a donation or subscribe via PayPal, you can do so by sending money to elitetransproof@yahoo.co.uk  

A donation in the amount of £10 will give you one month access, £16 – 3 months access, £30 – 6 months access etc. £100 will secure you lifetime access to our growing site.

All proceeds generated from our fundraising efforts, as well as from membership dues, are used to fund this site, host our programming and produce our forthcoming film project, “Reconquering the Islamic Caliphate of Londonistan”.

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Click to view all the ground-breaking content we’ve produced since January 2017. By our calculation there’s over 50 hours of exclusive content available right here.

From our exclusive On the Road with Nick Griffin series, the Resistance Report with Nick Griffin and Jack Sen, programs from Edward O’Sullivan, John de Nugent, Dr Kevin MacDonald, Andrew Brons, our content is truthful, uncensored, authentic, and second to nothing you will find online.

Upon subscribing you will have immediate access to all of our content.

Featured show - On the Road with Nick Griffin

Been wondering what Nick’s been up to? On the Road with Nick Griffin – programming exclusive to ResRadio – puts you right in the centre of the action as broadcasts are recorded LIVE and often on location.

From Nick’s recent efforts to expose George Soros, his deportation from Hungary, nationalist rallies in Rome and Budapest – On the Road with Nick Griffin brings Nick’s world to you.

Members Only. Become a full member today to access Nick’s in-depth, varied and exclusive podcasts.

Click to see episode list, and listen to introductory episode. Immediate access to the full series and our entire catalogue of programming once you join the Resistance




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