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Message from Resistance Radio  - Over the past year Resistance Radio has evolved from what has been referred to as an "Alt-right right media outlet to one deeply critical of the establishment empowered "Right" and the blatantly divisive brand of identity politics being pushed by extremists on both sides of the political spectrum.

We have recognised that agent provocateurs like Milo and Raheem Kassam, who are anything but traditionally conservative, are being paid to divide society, pit ethnicities, genders and adherents of different religions against one another (identical to the methods employed by orgs they claim they fight like Antifa) - irreparably harming Britain in the process - in order to foment hatred, incite violence and lead Britain down a very dangerous path on behalf of their paymasters.

While the Far Left now almost prides itself on its hatred of Britain's Jews, the so-called Right has developed a pathological obsession with Islam to a point that it is literally all they care about. The Right will literally disregard rape and paedophilia if its perpetrated by ANYONE but a Muslim, while the Left ignore hate crimes perpetrated by anyone who is not British (or Jewish if their area of interest is Israel). There's literally nothing between them at this juncture. That these two extremist factions have also chosen to hate seemingly adversarial groups at almost the exact same moment should tell you said contempt is anything but organic, that we are being used, and the rampant extremism on our streets is being organised to harm the very fabric of this country.

Not only are we fearful the sort of rhetoric they espouse will result in violence which will inevitably result in a loss of even more freedoms, we believe their incendiary words and vile actions undermine genuine traditionalist values - the very values our grandfathers and great uncles died for. I in fact lost three great uncles to WW2, and know they would never have supported the likes of Raheem, Milo, AMW or Douglas Murray. They’d have viewed them in the same manner we regard members of the Far left decimating the fabric of this country. In fact there's very little that separates this motley crew from Antifa.  

This is also why the aforementioned professional extremists rarely speak out about Brexit, care nothing about victims of knife crime or the plight our veterans face when returning home from warzones they did not sign on to fight in. It is also why they ban veterans from speaking at their free speech rallies, choosing to import extremists from other countries they can control, rather than listen to men and women that actually fought for this country. 

And if it isn't about Islam, they simply do not care. 

It is why the Right ignore victims of paedophilia unless it involves Muslim perpetrators, disregard important issues like homelessness, the very real dangers facing our children and the widespread poverty impacting Britain's most vulnerable people. Traditionalist politics has sadly ceased being about preserving Britain, reaching out to communities that reject our values, and facilitating an environment that enables societal cohesion or defending our freedoms. It has become about fomenting hatred between impoverished people living in close proximity to one another, putting lives at risk, intentionally radicalising Muslim and non-Muslim youth and leading us down a very dangerous path to conflict.

The idea that Resistance Radio, which is often referred to as "Alt Right" by the press, is tied to men who openly hate our society's women - often suggesting men are better off going their own way (MGTOW) rather than cooperating with the fairer sex to raise children, or perhaps looking to Britain's Polish communities for inspiration (see their exceedingly birth rates and brilliantly low divorce rates) or fighting for family court equality. These activists often advocate violence against women and specific marginalised communities in order to push a very specific hate-based agenda. They regularly express contempt for Britain's poorest people, support counterproductive wars that send our soldiers off to die (remember Breitbart's Milo and Raheem have been in favour of every last foreign intervention pushed by our govt) and have nothing in common with the sort of patriotic message this channel wants to espouse. A message rooted in love of country, not hatred of specific groups we have been told we MUST hate if we love Britain.

This is not who we are. We are traditionalists. Not charlatans funded by special interest groups masquerading as patriots. 

We simply love our country and its citizens and will never allow usurpers to dictate how we think, or tell us that we must hate others if we genuinely love Britain.  

Resistance Radio wants to heal wounds, empower our community through truth and tell the people benefiting from division and hatred, that they will play us no longer.

We will continue to fight for civil rights, against censorship, for freedom of expression and against the hatred espoused by the Left and Alt Right we are no longer comfortable being a part of. We want to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. 



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